Have you ever sat down to play your piano and made this face?

Let us turn that into this!


Tyler's Piano Service  Piano Tuning, Servicing, and Repair​​

  We understand that your piano is important to you and your family and we believe that taking complete care of your piano will result in better tuning stability, longer piano life, and a happier customer. Which is why we choose to take our service above and beyond simply just tuning your piano.


 In addition to tuning your piano to standard pitch A-440, our standard full service visit includes:  

-Dusting, cleaning and vacuuming your piano

-Dusting and cleaning the soundboard (grand pianos)

-Cleaning keytops

-Making any needed minor adjustments to the action components

-Fixing sticking keys and resolving annoying squeaks and clicks

-Polishing pedals as well as lubricating and adjusting your pedal system

-Voicing hammers for even tone

-Cleaning and polishing your piano case and case parts

  Done annually, this full service will keep your piano clean, in tune longer, and promotes less wear on it's internal components. All of which contribute to a better piano playing experience.