Tyler's Piano Service   Piano Tuning,  Service,  and Repair​​

 Have you ever sat down to play your piano and made this face?



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  We understand that your piano is important to you and your family. We also believe that taking care of your piano will result in better tuning stability, longer piano life, and a happier customer. That is why we offer additional services "a la carte" style beyond just tuning.


 In addition to tuning your piano to standard pitch A-440, we offer pitch correction (typically needed when a piano hasn't been tuned for 5+ years), as well as piano cleaning services, action regulation, and repairs.

 Cleaning includes:

-Cleaning around the tuning pins and vacuuming your piano

-Dusting the soundboard (grand pianos)

-Cleaning keytops

-Polishing brass pedals and locks as well as lubricating and adjusting your pedal system

-Cleaning and polishing your piano case and case parts

 Additional minor services:

-Light hammer voicing for even tone

-Making any needed minor regulation adjustments to the action

We are happy to address minor repairs such as:

-Broken hammers

-Sticking or sluggish keys

-Broken strings

-Pedal issues

-Leaking dampers

We also offer bigger repair services such as:

-Full restringing and soundboard repair

-Action reconditioning

-Action rebuilding

-Full action regulation

-Damper felt replacement

-Keytop replacement

 Click here for repair quotes. Please include the make and model of piano (if possible), what area you reside in (city and major cross streets work best), and as much information about the issue as possible.