Q:  Do you track, keep, or sell information used in the online schedule service?

    Q:  What does your routine tuning and servicing visit include?

    A:  Most piano manufacturers recommend tuning your piano semi-annually. Due to the fairly stable climate here in the Bay Area, we recommend getting your piano tuned annually. In situations where the piano is under heavy use (churches, music teachers, etc.) we follow the manufacturer's recommendation of tuning semi-annually. But, under normal use, getting your piano tuned and serviced once a year is usually sufficient.

​    Q:  Why does my piano need to be tuned?

    Q:  How often should I get my piano tuned?

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    A:   Tuning is the most frequent and important type of piano maintenance, but it's often the least understood (let alone, remembered). Here is a quick look at why pianos go out of tune:

 We will start with brand new pianos, which are a special case; their pitch drops quickly for the first few years as new strings stretch, and wood and felt parts settle in. It's very important that a new piano be maintained at proper pitch (A-440) during this period, so the string tension and piano structure can stabilize. Most manufacturers recommend three to four tunings the first year, and semi-annually after that.
 Seasonal change is the primary reason pianos go out of tune. As humidity goes up, the soundboard swells, increasing it's crowned (slightly domed) shape and slightly stretching the piano's strings to a higher pitch. During dry times, the soundboard flattens out, lowering tension on the strings and causing the pitch to drop.
 Unfortunately, the strings don't change pitch at exactly the same rate.  This is why pianos go out of tune. Getting your piano tuned and serviced at least once a year will not only keep your piano in shape and sounding great, it will also save you from the headaches and lack of enthusiasm to practice that is often associated with playing an out of tune piano.

   A:  Absolutely not! I despise when companies do that to me and, therefore, will not do that to you. The only way I am able to see any of the information that you have input into the online schedule feature is if you actually book an appointment. Only then can I see your information as it notifies me of a new appointment request.

     Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?

   A:  Accepted payment forms are (in no particular order):  Check, cash, Venmo, ApplePay Cash (via text)

    A:  For first time clients, the initial tuning visit includes the following:

 Dismantling your piano to access the piano action (removal of music desk, key slip, key cover, cheek blocks, etc.). This also provides an excellent opportunity to dust, clean, and vacuum your piano inside and out. Access to the action allows ample room to perform any minor regulation adjustments or repairs that need to be addressed. It also allows access to voice the hammers.

 Next comes the tuning. We will tune your piano to standard concert pitch A-440 with the help of a highly accurate (to one tenth of one percent) electronic tuning device.

 Once the tuning is complete, we will adjust and service your pedal system. All of that is followed up by a complete piano cleaning service so your piano looks as good as it sounds. Please click on "Tuning" in the menu bar for full details.